About the artworks dimensions
In simple terms, the bottle artwork is a square with identic width of a bottle diameter multiplied by the PI constant, that is 3,14159. For example, in a bottle of 35 millimeters of diameter, the width of the artwork is:35×3.14159=110 mm.

The artwork height is identic to the total height of the can. Printing height according to different printing type. Having care that there will be a zone that will be covered by the cap that will use the bottle.


The artwork File
those professional softwares for Photo edition, illustration and desktop publishing susceptible to be used to make colour separations, and count all the necessary tools to process high definition files, are mentioned:

1) Adobe Photoshop CS5 or previous version

2) Adobe Illustrator CS5 or previous version

3) Coreldraw x5 or previous version

4) Adobe In Design CS5 or previous version


For any other software that is not here, please previously consult us for talk about procedure.

About the Typographic fonts
It's indispensable that always be integrated to the "files pack" the typographic fonts used in the building of each artwork, specially if is requested to make text corrections or any necessary intervention that request on written areas.

Omission of this can make to use a version of factory different to the original typography (little variations), causing, among other problems, the redistribution of texts at the time of processing; and in the worse one of the cases, that one is not available in our library of typesetter source, with the consequent loss of time until its attainment.

About the files
For all those Photo edition softwares, like Adobe Photoshop case, always will be important to count with the original file composed by layers (psd file),because it is the fastest way for correct or modify image data. Also, will be convenient that it is in a CMYK mode, because it is understood that the autor of that original has made colour adjustments that it has considered necessary.

Any conversion from RGB, HSL, HSB, indexed color to CMYK, after the color adjustment, will make unwanted changes.

The resolution of images will always have to be, at least, over 200 dpi to real size of printing, as long as this file does not count on typography data (texts).A smaller resolution to the suggested will imply a loss in the perception of the color and, depending on which so low it is, "pixelation" of the image.

The store format will can be any that does not imply any change in the previous mentioned specifications, The comun formats are PSD, TIFF, JPEG (maximum quality), PDF (fonts included), composed EPS and EPS DCS (for this case, is necessary to count with 5 files that are components of each image).

For those files made with illustration softwares (Freehand, Illustrator, etc.) it is necessary that its typesetter content, mainly if is going away to make text modifications, is not converted to path, with the purpose of facilitating the corrections or modifications that are due to carry out on the written text.

All the image links to these illustrations will have, as far as possible, to be built-in as well like independient file in one of declarated formats.