All Market Launches Eco-Friendly Aluminum Water Bottle

The launch of public concern over plastic waste, particularly from single-use products such as straws and bottles, has grown in recent years. According to market research group Euromonitor, 500 billion plastic bottles are used around the globe each year. In response, brands in the category have adopted various changes — from committing to using recycled plastic to selling water in paper cartons — and, in recent months, the movement behind aluminum packaging in particular seems to have accelerated.

We see that consumers more and more are moving to reusable water bottles. We believe that a reusable bottle is an ideal option, but you can't always do that when you're at the airport, at a c-store, or on the run. This gives those consumers another option.

Single-use plastic waste is a big issue that needs to be addressed either through a massive innovation in plastic recycling, which isn't coming fast enough, or by consumers moving to more sustainable and recyclable options. Change really happens with a moment! Anyone who's watched the news over the past several months can't help but notice that a moment is brewing.


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