Why use Aluminumr bottle for spring water?

Aluminum bottle is a sustainable & durable package for spring water.

  • 100% Responsibly & Locally Sourced Water in an Aluminum Reusable Bottle. Purified Water that Stays Cold Longer.
  • The bottle is simply superior in every way. Magic Metal Aluminum is truly the smartest, high-valued 100% recyclable beverage material that ranks #1 as the most recycled material worldwide.
  • The bottle that finally sets into a motion a movement and challenges us to rise above our old plastic water bottle habit. It keeps water colder for longer, is sustainable, affordable, and makes it easy for everyone to make the shift from single-use plastic, once and for all.
  • Aluminum is the only material that offers 100% endless recyclability, as long as it’s put back into the recycling system. 75% of all Aluminum ever produced is still actively in use today. Aluminum recyclables are melted down then made into new products.
  • Aluminum uses only 5% of the energy it took to originally extract. Is it perfect? Of course not, every recycling process has its challenges. But it’s currently the best material for humans, the planet, and our current recycling system.


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