Aluminum tumblers & aluminum cup are perfect for indoor and outdoor use

This beautiful gleaming anodized cast aluminum  cup will surely enhance your Shabbat and festive day's table. Aluminum cup comes with a matching saucer to catch any extra wine that spills. Perfect to give on just about any occasion. 

A rainbow of colors for your beverages, these old-fashioned anodized tumblers are great for summer beverages on the porch or back yard. 

Aluminum tumblers are the perfect addition to a summer cookout, beach party or for everyday use.  Made of non-breakable aluminum, they are perfect for indoor and outdoor use.  They come in a variety of rainbow colors.

  • PERFECT FOR OUTDOORS – Metal cups are ideal for drinking on the deck or around the pool because they won't break or shatter like glass can.
  • 16-OUNCE CUPS – Pour in your favorite summer cocktail, or use them for smoothies, juice, and even ice water.
  • COLORFUL – At parties, have guest pick their favorite color so they can identify their drink all night. Hand wash to preserve color.
  • A GREAT GIFT – Get them for anyone who loves colorful and unique drinkware.

aluminum tumblers aluminm cup aluminum mug

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