Does aluminum drink bottle keeps beer fresh?

aluminum beer bottles

aluminum beer bottles


For question on tittle, the answer is "yes"!

If you like to drink beer, then I believe you will realize that the share of beer in traditional glass bottles has been declining in recent years, and the market has been preempted by beer in aluminum bottles and cans.

In fact, not just some small beer brands, many large breweries and international brands have also begun to switch to aluminum drink bottle beer.

For this situation, the reason is: metal beer bottles are relatively tightly sealed, which limits the beer's contact with light and oxygen, it keeps the beer fresh and delicious for a longer time. Actually, when beer is exposed to ultraviolet light (UV) for a long time, the beer will oxidize, causing an unpleasant "odor" in the beer. Glass bottles can block some light, but they are extremely limited. For example, brown or amber glass blocks most UV rays, but green and transparent bottles are much less effective.

But aluminum bottle prevents all light from entering the interior of the beer.

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