Modern cold coffee and its aluminum coffee bottle

Aluminum coffee bottle

Aluminum coffee bottle


Aluminum bottle with cold coffee

For coffee made from aluminum bottles, this kind of coffee means that people do not need to spend time waiting, but can buy it directly at any convenience store or gas station, and drink immediately. Or you can take it out of your refrigerator in a hurried morning and just drink it.


Why Aluminum?

There are a lot of benefits of using aluminum bottles for coffee. Aluminum bottles can well isolate oxygen and keep the coffee fresh for longer. And it is more portable and can be tucked directly into a lunchbox. Moreover, aluminum has good thermal conductivity, whether it is heated or frozen, it is always easier than plastic bottles. In addition, aluminum bottles are a more environmentally friendly option compared to plastic bottles and are very very easy to recycle.


About us, Shining is a advanced China aluminum packaging products supplier. We accepts customized aluminum bottles of various types, and believes that it can meet the needs of most aluminum beverages.

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