Aluminum Fine Mist Spray Bottles Manufactory

Capacity:2 oz aluminum spray bottle(60ml), 4 oz aluminum spray bottle(100ml),8 oz aluminum spray bottle(250ml),16 oz aluminum spray bottle(500ml)

  • ATOMIZER BOTTLE FOR ESSENTIAL OILS-Designed with essential oil blends in mind, these aluminum bottles are great for ixing essential oils  blends, cleaning, cooking or any other liquid.
  • ALUMINIUM BRUSH BOTTLES WITH FINE MIST ATOMIZER SPRAYER-These aluminum spray bottles for essential oils are fitted with an atomizer mister sprayer, which is a heavy duty sprayer, that sprays in a mist type pattern
  • Aluminum spray bottles, with fine mist for multiple uses
  • HEAVY DUTY-Both bottle and sprayer alike are heavy duty construction and made to last
  • CHEAPER,SAFER, AND GREENER-In the long run aluminum bottles are cheaper, safer, and greener for every portion of its long useage life than plastic spray bottles
  • Nozzle fits bottle perfectly to prevent leaks
  • Features an FDA-approved interior coating
  • Great for storage, travel, everyday use around the home, and more
  • Made of rustproof aluminum


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